I’m Back! And So Is Joey Barton!


After a 4-day hiatus and a CotW corporate meeting in Boston, I have returned to the blogosphere and am once again in pursuit of those Internet dollars. Thankfully I took my break during a time when only World Cup Qualifiers little-to-no important action actually happened on a soccer pitch.

But guess who doesn’t need a soccer pitch to make headlines? That’s right, you guessed it, Joey fuckin’ Barton! Honestly I have to say that Twitter and Joey Barton are a match made in heaven. Oh you want a free soap box to stand on? You want that to be sent out to millions of followers? Boom, twitter paradise.


Two birds with one stone! Neymar, who has probably the best hair do in the business, is Joey Barton’s latest victim, making him join the ranks of The Biebs, David Beckham and a slew of women which were less like twitter outbursts and more like aggravated assaults.
Preach Joey Barton preach!



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