Olympic Stadium Has Finally Found Itself A Tenant!





Guardian: Long-running, often tense, negotiations between the East End club and the LLDC have resulted in a deal that both parties are understood to be happy with. For West Ham, it will give them a new, state-of-the-art stadium at marginal upfront cost and expand their capacity to 60,000 as well as making the club an attractive investment opportunity.

Do you know what would be really funny? If West Ham slips during the next few years and when the 2015-2016 Campaign finally comes around, the London Olympic stadium turns into the home of an nPower Championship side. Does West Ham really need this gorgeous stadium? I mean, during this 99-year lease, they are definitely going to get relegated at one point, which means that revenues will drop, and they probably will have trouble making their payments to the LLDC; maybe they should have elected the “Tenants at Will” option. Also, Do they really need a stadium that can fit 60,000 fans? Are they thinking of putting up the money for another Green Street Hooligan’s movie to grow their fanbase? Can they afford Elijah Wood? I don’t know what their angle is, but regardless, good for you West Ham.

Movie Version:

Real Life:

That’s fucking awesome.

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