The Relegation Zone


Ahhhh relegation. It’s time to reflect on that sad little part of the season that never really affects the Man U’s, Chelsea’s, Arsenal’s and Liverpool’s Tottenham’s but devastates local fanbases like the Bolton’s, Blackburn’s and Wolverhampton’s into oblivion. With this extremely slow footy day, I took the liberty to go ahead and troll around the English football landscape to see who the likely movers will be at the end of the 2012-2013 Campaign.


  • Queens Park Rangers:

qprprayYou’re gonna have to do a hell-of-a-lot more than pray if you want QPR to remain in the Prem next season. Awful season, they even had their own Christmas party cancelled because they players and that owl Henry Redknapp didn’t feel that they deserved to celebrate anything after going 15 games without a victory.

  • Reading:

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Birmingham City v Reading - St Andrews

Well that didn’t last long now did it? Just as soon as we get to know them, we have to say goodbye. Reading fans, however festive they may be, will have to bring their party atmosphere back to the nPower Championship.

  • Toss Up!

The final Relegation spot can go to one of 4 teams: Wigan Athletic, Aston Villa, Southampton or Sunderland. There is also an outside chance that West Ham or Newcastle can slip enough to be sucked down into the Championship, but only time will tell. (Teams in Bold have either defeated or tied Liverpool this season)

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