Messi and Fellow Hobbits Diddle AC


News flash for every footy announcer out there, we all know how good Messi is, so please, for the love of God, get off his dick. I mean how hard could it be to score silly amounts of goals when you are surrounded by some of the world’s best footballers?

funny-sports-pictures-messiBut then again, his first goal was straight silly, so here are some match highlights and poorly put together analysis.

Barcelona, who 24 hrs ago looked to be in a tough position; completely Sandusky’d AC last night at Camp Nou to make it through to the next stage of the Champions League. I’m pretty sure that at some point towards the end of the first half, the time of possession was 73/27 in Barcelona’s favor, and I’m not kidding. Barca absolutely dominated this game. There were a few moments where AC had a shot at an all-so-important CL away goal, but God must really be fed up with Italians right about now because nothing rolled in their favor.

Here are the rest of the highlights from yesterdays matchup.

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