Joey Barton’s New Target: Justin Bieber




NME: Footballer Joey Barton has accused Justin Bieber of being a “smack addiction waiting to happen”. Barton made the comments via his Twitter account, writing:

I’d rather flush my head down the toilet daily than be a ‘Belieber’. He’s a smack addiction waiting to happen. #macaulaycaulkinstyle; Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) March 3, 2013

He also said of the teen pop sensation: “He looks little a shaved little bird with earrings. This is a truly fucked up world, if he’s ‘cool'”.

Clown Fight!! Preached Joey Barton Preach! This is probably the first time I’ve sided with Joey Barton on anything; and I feel kinda weird about it, but you have to love his opinion of The Biebs. Can’t stand this little beady eye’d Canadian. I would love to see this become a twitter “beef”, which seem to have found The Biebs a lot lately. The only difference here is that Joey Barton is a fucking psychopath and would actually find kill the little Canadian bastard; which I think most of us, wouldn’t really mind all that much.


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