Look Out Alex Curran!

Lana Del Rey and Steven Gerrard-1755935.png



Okay, so just kidding here, Mrs. Stevie G probably has nothing to worry about, but I will admit that I’m pretty pumped that Anfield’s new goodluck charm happens to be none other than Lana Del Rey. If I wasnt already married, I would probably now say with confidence that she is my soulmate. Loves booze, drugs, ciggs, partying, sex etc without all of that Amy Winehouse baggage (RIP). And now to find out that she’s a Liverpool supporter? Checkmate. She’s like that artist that comes on the radio when you’re in the car with your friends and you awkwardly glance around the car to see if anyone’s feeling it, then slowly but surely, you use the steering wheel volume control and inch by inch increase the volume until you’re finally blasting Summertime Sadness remix down I-95 and you have zero fucks to give.

 anfielddelray lana-del-rey-liverpool


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