Liverpool Edge Past Tottenham…Move to 7 Points Out of 4th

Gareth Bale v Luis Suárez

Jesus Christ; I’ll take that all day but I’m pretty sure 26 year olds shouldn’t be experiencing heart palpitations in their living room at 12pm on a Sunday. Might have to get that checked out, but I digress.


Awesome win for Liverpool. Them going up 1-0 after 20 minutes was huge thanks to you guessed it, Luis mother fuckin’ Suarez!

After the 2 consecutive Tottenham goals; I’ll admit it, I was kind of freaking out. But thanks to a hilarious goaltender error in judgement, Liverpool tied it up with a Stewart Downing snipe through a defenders 5-hole.

Then it all came down to Gerrard’s penalty kick, money in the bank, 3-2 LFC.

Solid ball movement which one month ago would have been considered rare at Anfield has really started to develop ever since that emotional win EUFA League Aggregate Loss to Zenit. Liverpool have strung together 4 straight wins since their suicide inducing loss to West Brom, which at the time gave me heavy doubts that they would be able to finish in the top 4.  Now, I will put on my pathetic WFAN Jet’s Fan hat, and let you know why Liverpool FC will indeed make the Champions League.


  1. They are finally IN Form!! For two fucking seasons Liverpool would come up with a huge win and then, the next week, lose to some shit-house team like Wigan. Passing, flow and finishing has finally arrived at Anfield.
  2. Daniel fuckin’ Sturridge. Liverpool is straight fire when Sturridge is in the starting 11. In the 6 Premier League games that he has played in, he has scored 4 goals and has 1 assist. It’s creating headaches for defenses who used to simply key in on Suarez; now they have this beast to worry about.
  3. And last but not least, easy ass remaining schedule! With Tottenham out of the way, the final 9 games of the season are a fuckin’ cake walk! (minus Chelsea at home; I hope Torres cries) 9 x 3 = 27 points, and I will get real Obama-like and liberal and say that they only win 7 of those games, giving them at least another 21 pts towards a top 4 finish, which they will get because Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are a bunch of fucking clown shoes.
  • Southampton (A)
  • Aston Villa (A) 
  • West Ham United (H)
  • Reading (A) 
  • Chelsea (H) 
  • Newcastle United (A)
  • Everton (H) 
  • Fulham (A)
  • Queens Park Rangers (H)



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