Liverpool Debt Rises to $130M, I Want Oil Money

John William Henry

Yahoo: Liverpool’s owners have incurred ”painful” financial results stemming from their investment in players who have failed to re-establish the club as a European power. The debt of the team, owned by the parent company of the Boston Red Sox, rose by one-third to 87.2 million pounds (about $131 million), according to figures released Monday. The club lost 40.5 million pounds (about $61 million) during the 2011-12 season.




Now I assure you that this will not be the only rant on today; I’ve got a feeling that Adam needs to get something off his chest. But John Henry, Tom Werner and the entire clusterfuck known as Fenway Sports Group are really starting to grind my gears.

You people are literally ruining 2 of my favorite teams. It’s actually comical that FSG has been publicly praising the “Moneyball” team building technique for the Red Sox; yet they never actually followed the system and have been in the Top 4 of the MLB payroll for 9 of the last 10 seasons. What really makes me wanna go mental is that currently, the highest paid player on the Sox is John Fuckin’ Lackey! Guy is raking in more than $15,000,000 per season. That’s more than Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge’s salaries COMBINED.

The Top 5 Highest Paid Red Sox Players are:

  1. John Lackey: $15,950,000
  2. David Ortiz: $14,575,000
  3. Ryan Dempster: $14,000,000
  4. Shane Victorino: $9,500,000
  5. Mike Napoli: $9,400,000

Spending silly amounts of money with zero results since 2008. Nice. Unfortunately, that is basically the same slogan at Merseyside. It now actually seems that Liverpool are shying away from Spending the megasbucks (with the exception of Andy Carrol, Steward Downing and Jordan Henderson…that really panned out) and are actually, somewhat embracing the “Moneyball” system. Steven Gerrard is the highest paid LFC player, clocking in just shy of $10,000,000 per season. When you have players like Ryan Dempster and John Lackey on your payroll and they are making more than Steven Gerrard, something is really off. Moneyball will never work in footy. Ever. The whole song and dance they pulled off during the transfer period last summer was pathetic. Also Pathetic, googling “Liverpool FC Rumors Dempsey” everyday from June-August trying to see what kind of progress had been made on the deal; and then switching the spelling of Rumors to “Rumours” because I found out that you get better results in Google because British people are silly and spell Rumors with a “u”.







I get the feeling that FSG is trying to find the “sweetspot” with Liverpool FC. Figuring out how much money they have to invest on a minimal scale in order to get back a decent return, and then they will eventually sell. You can’t really think that Dr. Creepy is actually a footy fan right? This is simply an investment to this guy, just like the Red Sox. Here’s a newsflash though, its not working! You’re not going to have merchandise flying off the shelves when your team hasn’t cracked the top 4 in three years. If you’re going to have your team strapped with debt, the least you could do is make the Champions League, just follow the Manchester City model.


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