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The Barcelona U9 Squad is Silly

Whelp, it looks as though Barcelona has finally figured out who will be replacing Messi once his Godlike career comes to a close. Look at this little guy go. Intercepts a kickoff, jukes out 3 kids and scores in the … Continue reading

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Goal of the Year Candidate: Makhach Gadzhiev from SC Tavriya Simferopol

Jesus that headliner took forever to type/verify/spell check. This goal makes me once again have to say that the Ukrainian Football League IS NOT WEAK. Absolute screamer from about 40 yards out off the goal post and I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Rickie Lambert’s Goal Was Sex In Soccer Form

Southampton comin’ in hot!! This is two back-to-back quality wins for the Saints who not so long ago were on the dreaded relegation bubble, and it really drives a dagger through Rafa Benitez and his hopes of taking Chelsea back … Continue reading

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Gareth Bale Continues to be Gareth Bale

You would think that after two weeks in the doldrums of international play, maybe Gareth Bale would cool off a bit? But then today vs. Swansea in the 21st minute, Bale was all “Nah fuck that shit” and put Tottenham … Continue reading

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Your Definitive List of the Top 5 Footy Commercials Of All Time

Ok, well the above commercial doesn’t really count on the list because it only aired in Springfield, and also, it wasn’t real. However, I have been trolling the interwebs over the past week to find the best of the best … Continue reading

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Manchester United’s Telepathic Strikers, New and Old

Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole were some of my first memories as a United fan, so this video below from Bwin is pretty gold.  The duo had a pretty unique partnership at their time in the late 90’s, early 2000’s … Continue reading

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The New Welsh Wizard?

We’ve chronicled a few Welsh Wizard’s here at Cheeks.  Ryan Giggs is probably the greatest and most decorated Premier League player of all time, and Gareth Bale continues to dazzle and score goals at will on his quest to become … Continue reading

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David Beckham Does His Best John Terry

MSN: David Beckham has had to recover from an embarrassing fall during his recent visit to China. The soccer superstar, obviously not dressed for the occasion, hit the deck when taking a kick at a practice session in Wuhan, Hubei … Continue reading

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Suarez punches; England withers; Spain triumphs; and Mario scores! The Rest of your International Games Roundup

So, things happened!  It’s been kinda slow on the footy front over the past week or two with it being the international break but games have been played, goals have been scored, punches have been thrown, and our favorites are … Continue reading

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USA Fans Politely Interact With Others At The Azteca

Over/Under: Percentage of the American fans in attendance who were kidnapped last night – 49.5%

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