Joey Barton Mocks Ibra’s Large Nose and I Still Hate Him


I’m really starting to love hating on Joey Barton. Dudes got no friends! It’s just too damn easy!

Last week in the lead up to the PSG vs. Marseille league matchup, we made note of his comments towards David Beckham, stating that the Legend “no longer put the fear of God in him anymore.” Dumbass, David Beckham IS GOD! PSG went on to win 2-0.

And then yesterday, after Zlatan Ibra’s first goal in the 34th minute (seen below) in the Coupe de France Round of 8, Barton made a school yard insult to Ibra’s rather large beak. Real mature Barton, real mature; at least Ibra doesn’t hit women! (that we know of)

How did Ibra respond to such adversity? Oh no big deal he just fired home another goal in the 62nd minute from a penalty to put the nail in the coffin for Joey Barton and Co. Don’t Mess With The Zlatan. PSG went on to win 2-0.


Joey Barton’s really gotta get smarter in terms of who he decides to pick fights with. Maybe he should go pick on some players in nPower Championship League, because I’m pretty sure that’s where he will end up next season; and if so, Craig Bellamy is waiting with bells on to kick your pompous little ass.


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