Joey Barton is Just a Hater

David Beckham doesn’t put the fear of God into you anymore? No shit Sherlock, the guy’s almost 38; however I’d still take Becks over you any day of the week. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

1. English National Team Appearances:

  • Joey Barton: 1
  • David Beckham: 115 — Winner!

2. FIFA 2013 Player Rating:

  • Joey Barton: 76
  • David Beckham: 79 — Winner!

3. Career Goals:

  • Joey Barton: 29
  • David Beckham: 129 — Winner!

4. Number of Women Seduced in Calendar Year:

  • Joey Barton: -1
  • David Beckham: 3,484,509,790 (estimated total female population on Earth according to CIA Factbook) — Winner!

Whatever you do, just know that one thing will always remain true, its still David Beckham’s World and we’re all still just living in it.

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