Europa League Top Goal Roundup

Some pretty eventful NIT Tournament Europa League matches went down yesterday. I know that these games don’t really matter to anyone and are widely considered a nuisance when you realize the fact that these games are completely exhausting for all teams involved and they wear each team down for their weekend league matchups that actually matter and could help them get to the top of the table (cough cough LFC). But regardless, there were some serious gems that deserve to be shared.

  • Gareth Bale’s 1st goal vs. Lyon. Tottenham went on to win 2-1 

  • In the same game; Samuel Umtiti smashes home a perfect volley for Lyon in what could be the goal of the year

  • Oh and then Bale decided to score an almost identical goal from his 1st for the winner

  • Hulkamania puts Zenit ahead with this screamer against Liverpool (Zenit 2-0)

  • Rodrigo Palacio gets his cheek on and doubles as Inter cruise to a 2-0 win over Cluj

  • Borussia Moenchengladbach vs Lazio produced some silly goals and Sergio Floccari might have locked up my favorite goal celebration at 1:53 (3-3 FT)

ps: Is it bad that I watched this 7 minute highlight from Al Jazeera waiting for the announcer to randomly scream ABU NAZIR!!!

  • Levante vs Olympiakos (3-0) saw 2 cheeky goals from the Spanish side, maybe 3 if you want to include that penalty approach


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