gus-johnson.p1CNN — The radical idea was hatched in October 2011, shortly after FIFA awarded the U.S. broadcast rights to Fox Sports for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Fox Sports president Eric Shanks wanted to do something bold with his soccer coverage. Most importantly, he wanted to brand it with something unique to Fox. So he called up broadcaster Gus Johnson, who had joined Fox only five months earlier, and asked him a question: Would you be willing to work for the next six years to become the American voice of soccer? Johnson was stunned. But he was also interested.

OMG OMG OMG. The thought of Gus Johnson in the booth with someone like Martin Tyler is enough to make my head spin. It seems that Fox has some real confidence in his ability to call the action on the pitch, he is already scheduled for some serious upcoming bouts…

  • February 13: Real Madrid vs. Machenster United (Champions League)
  • February 19: Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich (Champions League)
  • February 24: Manchester City vs. Chelsea

If one of these matches happens to have a late goal, let’s say in injury time, that happens to be a winner, expect your television speakers to promptly explode.

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