It’s David Beckham’s World and We’re All Just Living In it

Huffington Post — As if the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral weren’t enough, tourists the world over have yet another reason to visit Paris: David Beckham.

On Europe 1 radio on Friday, Paris’ mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, said of the news of Beckham’s 5-month contract with Paris St-Germain team, “It is very good news, which only adds to the image of Paris in the world…. He is a great sporting personality with an international audience…. It’s great for this city which is already the top tourist destination in the world and where 10 percent of jobs are in the tourist industry,”┬áReuters reports.

While on the team, Beckham has said he will stay in a hotel in town; his family, including Posh Spice, will continue to reside in London. He will donate his salary to a local children’s charity.

At this point you have to just face the facts and realize that your life will never amount to anything close to the overall level of greatness that is David Beckham. One week he is trolling around his mansion in Malibu, contemplating actual retirement, and the next he is on a private jet to Paris where he signs with a Champions League side, gets blown by the French media/Mayor of Paris and then to top it all off, decides that he is going to be living SOLO in Paris while Posh and kids stay in London. Basically a bachelor all over again and I’m pretty sure we all know how he’s going to handle that situation.

Now let’s enjoy some quality Beckham highlights and reflect on his awesomeness.

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